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Susan Ashcroft

You may want to see
and watch
for an interesting counterperspective on Friedman's
"The World is Flat".

Also a really interesting 6 min wake-up call: Shift Happens!

There is also a companion book listed: Extreme Competition: Innovation and the Great 21st Century Business Reformation

Zamri Mohamad

Dear sir,

My name is Zamri Mohamad, 26 years old, an author from Malaysia. I come accross with this blog when appeared in my video site

Yet, I did not find my video here.

However, in this changing world, the art of marketing is expanding. By using YouTube as the tool of marketing and creating branding could help business to grow.

In my humble opinion, it is the time for South East Asia small business owner to grab this opportunity in creating new path by internationalizing their business online.

Thank You,

Oh, I still wondering whether my video is in this blog or not ? Hahaha!

Freelance Author,


Razaq Manan Ahmad

Actually i agree with u, bout all things what we hv 2 do (as a student) 2 prepare ourself in the bussiness world. When u made speech on sby (aiesec), i was 1 of them, n i was so impressed with ur speech. U gv me some "enlightement". U ask us 2 always up 2 date. But, we should realized, dat hi-tech or IT not yet accessible 4 the poor... Maybe U, with ur other great friends should make something 2 help the poor so they can get easy or maybe free access 2 the hi-tech or IT... If it succeed i believe, our nation, Indonesia will become a great nation...
Salut 2 u, Mr. Hermawan Kartajaya...

Asep Supriyadi

Yes I agree with you. And be careful with many jobs that will dissapear. Good luck for every one in new millinium.

Gladys Valenia

Salam kenal untuk pak Hermawan.
Kami senang membaca tulisan Anda baik di buku maupun artikel dan blog. Tulisan Anda menambah wawasan dan motivasi bagi kami yang ingin mempelajari marketing lebih baik.
Kami adalah pemilik dan pengelola situs web, yaitu website yang menyediakan layanan dimana banyak pedagang/penjual komputer (retailer) bisa bergabung untuk mempromosikan usaha dan produk mereka secara cuma-cuma.
Saat ini kami kesulitan untuk menyediakan high quality content bagi para pengunjung website kami, karena hampir semua retailer hanya sekedar mendaftar namun tidak mencantumkan produk yang dijualnya secara lengkap. Atau hanya mencantumkan dengan sedikit keterangan dan jarang diperbaharui. Kami sudah menawarkan para retailer untuk membantu mengisikan produk yang mereka jual namun tidak ada tanggapan.
Mungkin pak Hermawan bisa memberikan solusi untuk permasalahan kami ini.
Sebelumnya kami ucapkan banyak terima kasih.

Richard Carenton

One way to guard against the shifting of market trends is to work online instead of in any specific brick and mortar industry. I use the James D. Brausch Letter, a monthly newsletter, to get the information I need to keep my online business ready. Without that I'd probably have to go back to working in an office and wondering whether my job was going to be outsourced or sent overseas or not.


100% agree with you, pak!
one has to sell him/herself with unique way and his/her unique-id...

it can be counted by number-of-people who know you SHOULD-BE more than numbers-of-people you know him/her...

here is my latest branding :

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