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Ivy Loh

Bapak, so sorry that I cannot make it to Jakarta although I really wish to!! Sighs..

So you were the one who advertise the reason why I wasn't able to make it to Jakarta..No wonder so many of them knew it!

Actually the reasons are as follow:

1) My dad watch the news and immediately phone me.

2) The next day he received a paper from his friend (The page with coffin!!)

Well sometimes I do not know why human being are so paranoid. What I can say is that if a person is meant to "leave" the world, he/she will still be gone, its only a matter how the person die..

Don't worry bapak, I shall be able to meet u in the mid of november! :)

Andy Tjatur

Dear Pak Hermawan,

Interesting to see that within the global web enabled playing field, we found "myopic" phenomemon like US failed to handle their domestic disaster (Katrina's) promptly or HO case in several part of our provinces. Seem the flatworld will eliminate social contact in the closest neighbourhood, more looking outward than inward problem.

Kind Rgds

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