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Samuel Handojo

I attent to your MarkPlus Forum Last night. I was effected by your story that you became a preacher at Jakarta Cathedral, and the story you've told at the Forum. I am very appreciate to you that in the MarkPlus Forum you dare to told those story. I think it was good to do it again and again at the next Forum. Syaloom !

Hermawan Kartajaya

Interfaith is one big issue of the world today. As we must save the world, I do it as my small contribution to the world. Thx for year comment Pak Samuel.


I congratulate you Pak Hermawan. You are our envoy in this area. As you know, I am working in this line too. The Belgian and Holland provinces of OP have given me one library for Indonesian mission. I am going to execute it next year, the idea of research center on Dialogue. I hope you are willing to join this group and become adviser. Anyhow, I am fixing the plan for the book i told youo when we met in manila. I will send you invitation to write there, and hope that you are willing to give lecture in UST and our research center, where I am the consultant. Thanks. GBU

Erwin N P

I don`t want to many comment for that case.
It`s good,
Oh no
It`s Best.

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