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I have to disagree with your statement about how the police corps must identify their competitor. Frankly speaking, private security personel is not a competitor.

It's like saying 'satpam' as the competitor of the police (satpam can be categorized as private security personel mind you).

For what I think it might be, police should asses their threat from inside because unlike professional company, the biggest threat that POLRI will likely face will come from inside (beauracracy, corruption, etc)


I think there is no competitor for police. Police is not compete with others. It is redundant to say police has competitor.

More over, it seems police have to improve their credibility not trying to identify their competitor. Compete with whom ?

4 C model can be applied in the competitive market. I think 3 C model is best applied to ROLRI by redefining change, customer and company (POLRI).

Hermawan Kartajaya

Yes. you guys are right.

Polri have some important homework to be done for its internal institution.

While at the same time, Private Security Companies, Detectives, or even voorijders are increasingly being perceived to be more reliable than POLRI.

In marketing, we call them Competitor. And there are two types of competitor: Direct and Indirect.

Thx for your comment guys.


no, POLRI doesn't have any competitor (in my point of view). Perhaps other security company is a complement, but not a competitor (eventhough they are more efficient and effective rather than our police).

Who the hell are they want to compete with police ??? they wanna make a war ?? :p

Lidya Lestari

saya pikir kompetitor polri itu memang tidak ada dalam satu wilayah indonesia. Tetapi mungkin kompetirornya bisa dilihat dari negara-negara lain yang pasti mempunyai organisasi polisi.seperti singapore police, klpd(politie dutch), metropolitan police(british police), politie belgia, dll. Dimana kalo saya lihat dari segi public servicenya mereka sangat bertindak sebagai institusi polisi yang melayani keamanan masyarakat dengan baik. Dan hal inilah yang sangat amat berbeda dengan image polisi indonesia yang imagenya dikenal tidak baik dan masih menakutkan(menurut saya).
mungkin polri memerlukan signage system yang baik.
terimakasih pak hermawan atas tulisannya sangat membantu untuk bahan tugas akhir saya.

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