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Sravana Kumar

Hello sir,,,

I was very happy that an Asian company working on a global mindset and expanding, especially competing with industry giants. What i want to know is if Trung Nguyen expands in Europe, will they be sucessful, and on the otherside, if Starbucks starts its operations in Vietnam, will it succeed???? - Truly thinking of it daily.... Sravana,


Dear Sir,
My name is THUY TRAN KIEU THU, a Vietnamese Student.
I'm doing an Strategic management's assignment about "Analize the reasons cause bankrupcy in franchising of Trung Nguyen". And when i search on internet i found your page.
As i know about Starbucks, that is a licensing company, and Highland or Trung Nguyen are both Franchise company. So is it logical when you compare Starbucks with both High land or Trung Nguyen? Quite different, isn't it Sir?

Here is just something i don't really understand.
Thank you for reading my questions!
I'll comeback to your blog ~ because it's very useful! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
BEst regards!

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