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Correction: Buddhist, not Buddist


Looking forward to this great event..!

great idea, hopefully it will spread peace.

Stefanus Wardoyo

What a great forum yesterday Mr. Hermawan. Now I know what is the good side of Islam, because as long as I know, Islam is about bomb, Islam is about terorism, Islam is about fighting one another. But Yesterday, I interested in Islamic Ideology...even I'm still do not want to be a moeslem.

And because of your story last night, I have just decide to start my own blog in Maybe I'm not a good writer, but I hope someday I can write as good as you.

Evy Aryanti

Antonio was interested to study about Islam because his parents said to him that he was free to choice any religion except he was curious why he could not choice Islam as his religion..what's the matter with Islam? (he was thingking at that time), after he had studied Qur'an..he believed it. If many Confucius values can be found in Qur' there are same vision between Confucius and Islam..may be those values can be combined/sinergized. Will you integrate the Confucius' values and Islam's values in Marketing Mr. Hermawan?

Rendy Maulana

thankyou Mr.Hermawan to give the slide presentation, so i can study the slide, because yesterday i cant attend the forum in Bandung (poorly i was sick).


reading the comments here, I feel obliged to say thank you to you for holding such discussion :)

i'm looking forward to welcoming you in my city

Charly Latif

I'm so sure all religion are good, they are made to guide people from doing somthing not right (as a guidance). To remind people something to do and something not to do.
The human interpretation is usualy the one who always cause the conflict. Their wrong interpretation and their blind believes ussualy make them do something not right. Althought right or Wrong is also something very relative.
I come to yout seminar and rold people that i came to a "Taraweh" that night, and they didn't trust that, they become more confuse! (I use the Catholic Way- go to the catholic church-, but not yet a Catholic).
Thank You Pak Hermawan for the inspiration. May God will always bless you!


I agree what say about Yin & Yang is the same as mizan principle. And all of religion made us the good people. No one of religion make the people's not good or confuse.


in islam, we can accept the mix between culture and religion, as long as it wont destruct our creed. because i have a lil chinese root in my family and i am a moslem girl too. i found there is a significantly similiar way in balance of life between yin&yang and mizan. so the point is how to sinergized them truly.
and i said thank you to you for making islam being better by your comment. because so far i know that so many people believe that islam is cruel,bloody religion. let them know that islam has a balance side and can be mixed with a culture that ypu cannot imagine before. i hope it can be implemented not just by a moslem himselves but for to all humankind.

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