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Wahyu Wijanarko

What a dream comes true, if we can meet woman with 4B. Thanks Hermawan for teaching me about PQ, IQ, EQ, and SQ. I think I need read more books.

Dini Indriani

Dear Pak Hermawan,

I agreed with u..Beauty without Blessed (spiritual) will make the woman uses the beauty to get what she wants. Brain without Blessed will be use to manipulate people..Behavior without Blessed will be use as “Jaim = Jaga image” (in English we can say “shallow”)_ .. and if a woman has 3 of them could be not happy as well because the soul is empty.. Yin and Yang..the 3 first B more to horizontal, but people need vertical.
If I rely to your teory 9 elements, there 3 elements in Differentiation, before, when it is only 3 B we can put Brain as a Content, Beauty as a Context and Behavior as Infrastructure, but now please advice me where do you put Blessed?

imelda harsono

3Bs are already a rare find. Let alone a 4 Bs. truthfully speaking, I don't think our miss Indonesia or Putri Indonesia had all those 3Bs. If they do, why they have to put heavy make up when they visit poor countries and giving help. Isn't it considered to be inconsiderate.

Hmm.. I am just talking about preference here.

angelina sondakh

Pak Hermawan, I am glad to see our ‘WOMAN marketing’ discussion appeared in your blog. Thank you very much for giving us perspectives in marketing point of view, especially on how we have to make a clear brand. We are very much agreed on the additional B – Blessed that proposed by Pak Hermawan. It is really in line with our vision and mission – THE ART OF GIVING . We want to see young woman live vibrant with compassion and love to others. Self-oriented, individualistic, and driven by materialism are some of attitudes which we considered will deteriorate the values of living in harmony.
Well, WOMAN is not only consists of former Miss Indonesia. Our members are figure that has been acknowledged by the public for their dedication to Indonesia and have spirit as well as commitment to care and act for others. Former Cantik Indonesia, Wajah Femina,None Jakarta, Puteri Palembang, presenter and actress Novita Wibowo also join WOMAN.I think this can be a brief introduction regarding WOMAN.
Once again, thank you very much for spending your time to comment on WOMAN. We really appreciate it and hopefully we still receive more comments coming in for WOMAN.

WOMAN – We Care, We Act

Special thanks to Jitlada – Ibu Sasha and her husband for a wonderful dinner. Good food, Good place and Good Friend.
Pak Hermawan and his assistant, thank you so much. Also thanks to Mba Indira who always encourage us to stand for our right. Women, we deserved RESPECT.


In praise of women.

Consecrating a Holy vessel for my eternal consciousness.
A new body and a new mind.

Be thankful. Blessings unto you and yours.

Faisal Gardiansyah, ST, MM

Pak Hermawan Kertajaya..sesekali undang dong pasangan Ikang Fawzi dan Marissa Haque diacara Bapak dimanapun juga. Mereka berdua sangat baik sebagai contoh marketing keluarga dari pasangan artis akur dan kompak padahal pilihan partainya berbeda ya?

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