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Olivia allan

Wow! i did not know that Indonesia Really Welcome Kotler! This is really an Amazing News....Actually i really wanted to come to the seminar in Jakarta but I cant! HIks! however, i still manage to come to his seminar in KL....

Hope u still remember me! Olivia from Monash

Yunus Thie

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Mr.Hermawan Kartajaya & Mr.Philip Kotler, on the launching of your newest book "Marketing 3.0: Values-Driven Marketing".

Under the hands of the proven marketing gurus, marketing is introduced not only as common discipline, but more than that, it is a dynamic field to be kept on following it's development. The creativity and sensitivity of marketing gurus like Mr.Hermawan Kartajaya and Philip Kotler promote the important of the marketing knowledge in the modern fast changing world. Marketing is not only recognized at the limit of 4 Ps. But it is now developing much farther.

However, I have never found the book (marketing book) that brings up the marketing discussion of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), or maybe I missed it. It would be interesting if Mr.Hermawan Kartajaya and/or Mr.Philip Kotler could write some thing about this topic.In case of I missed the book/article about this topic, it would be appreciated to have the information of the book/ article that I may refer to (about the marketing strategy for OEM company). Thank you.

Yunus Thie

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